Breaking Through the Noise: Immersive Experiences for Mental Health

In collaboration with the Institut Philippe Pinel of Montreal, a mental health research center, OVA has developed a virtual reality experience for those living with schizophrenia, that empowers them with a new approach towards identifying and coping with auditory hallucinations.
Facing the Voices
Using StellarX, patients and therapists can work together to paint a realistic portrait of the entity responsible for the auditory hallucinations. Using virtual reality, an avatar can be created and viewed by both.
Confronting the Noise
In collaboration with researchers at the Philippe Pinel Institute, our team developed a therapeutic XR tool that visually renders the voices heard by the patient in context, allowing them to develop coping strategies.
Collaborative Recovery
Replicating and interacting with the visual and auditory hallucination representations empowers patients to play an active role in the therapeutic process, which has proven to improve the recovery process.

Augmented Therapeutic Experiences for Schizophrenia

The virtual avatar also provides mental health professionals with a unique opportunity to interact with patients via a third-party, which is extremely insightful from a relational and data collection view point.

In addition, the ability to challenge the patient’s hallucinations while assisting them through various exercises, has a significantly positive impact on the recovery process.

Interactions with Auditory Hallucinations

The visual and auditory simulations rendering by the patients is also used to educate family and friends about Schizophrenia, allowing them to better understand the reality faced by their loved one.

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