Shifting Gears: A New Take on the Automotive Industry

Using spatial computing to empower automotive professionals to transform the customer journey; from purchasing to servicing to drive up sales and satisfaction rates. Used internally, StellarX makes hands-on learning more engaging and streamlines workflows so that team's can power through anything!
Experiential Showrooms
Give customers a real feel before they seal the deal. Color, trim, mags, interior… you name it, StellarX can render it. With an immersive showroom, you can bring any client’s dream car to life in an instant and even take them for a realistic virtual spin!
Next-Level Technicians
Use spatial computing to take the guesswork out of the technician work. With augmented reality, automotive technicians can diagnose cars more precisely with speed and ease to get more cars out the door. Using technology to increase productivity.
Immersive Trainings
Give teams an opportunity to collaborate hands-on in real-time as they learn and apply new knowledge in context. Realistic technical job simulations are perfect for employee onboarding, engaged team trainings, and implementing new processes.

Paving the way with immersive experiences and spatial technologies.

With spatial computing, the automotive industry as a whole can lead the way with experiential design. Using virtual, augmented, and mixed reality will change the way we interact with cars. Together, let's create experiences that are more personalized, more valuable, more memorable, and above all, more enjoyable!