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Colombian Government, Defense Sector
In collaboration with Québec International, OVA recently met with the Vice-Minister of Defence for the Colombian government as well as other accompanying officials, for a meeting to discuss the new and exciting technologies that OVA is currently working on and how they may be useful in the Colombian defense sector.
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OVA featured in Vanguard magazine
OVA was recently featured in the latest edition (April/May) of Vanguard magazine, one of the oldest trade journals in Canada providing a meeting point for Canadian security and defence to share information and to keep up with new tendencies in the industry. One of our partners, Harold Dumur, was featured in an engaging article on page 46, addressing some of the latest innovations in wearable technologies as well as in virtual and augmented reality, just a few of OVA’s core focuses.
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New Office in New York
Following the trade mission organized by Québec City’s mayor in March 2015 in New York City, a few businesses in high tech were selected to open a New York based office beginning fall of 2015. The objective is to help a few high tech SMEs in the Québec City metropolitan area to establish themselves in US based markets.
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On May 27th and 28th 2015, OVA participated at Canada’s premier defence trade show, CANSEC, made possible by the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries (CADSI) in Ottawa. The event was aimed around discussing new challenges, methodologies and technologies in a professional environment for media, exhibitors, trade show attendees and 2015 CANSEC personnel.
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OVA’s StellarX website, the definitive platform in virtual learning, is now available!
stellarx.io - The efforts of our team of experienced engineers, knowledge management, visual architects, serious game developers and storytellers all went into the creation of our recently launched platform StellarX, which in one word can be described as “wow.” Functioning as a creation, distribution and management platform, StellarX, takes online training to another level—one of highly interactive and immersive online courseware—soon to be in use among a few of our major clients.
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We are delighted and proud to announce the launch of OVA’s new website!
ovagc.com - We would like to extend our sincere thanks to all of our clients, partners and suppliers for supporting us in our growth up to this point. Our company has grown significantly over the past year and our new website details the new and exciting developments and initiatives currently happening at OVA.
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OVA participated in Toronto based event, “The Value of Partnerships”
theomx.com - On Thursday, May 7th at the Airship 37 in Toronto, OVA partook in the event “The Value of Partnerships: Executing Canada’s New Offset Policy” organized by the OMX. The event’s raison d’être was to promote interaction in the Canadian Aerospace industry and to create an official consortium eventually leading to technology Made in Canada, in order to have a larger role in Canadian programs and to help accelerate expansion towards different export markets.
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