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A winter greeting to everyone out there from OVA!
Ever on the lookout, we’re always taking a close look at the newest buzz generated by Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR), and with access getting more and more democratized with the release of several headsets—HTC Vive, Google Cardboard, Oculus—the question remains: OK, great hardware, but what will people watch, experience and interact with?
Going beyond attention grabbing ploys and stunts, the real and tangible challenge to building content has begun. Amazon Studios seems to be shopping around for a few VR companies to build up an in-house VR team. The New York Times reports that some media companies such as HBO, Discovery Communications, and Liberty Media are investing in VR technology businesses. Discovery also launched its virtual reality app with short clips from its television shows (virtual reality lions and tigers and bears, oh my!).
In the hands of the early adopters, the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift are providing access to VR gaming, and there’s undoubtedly no shortage of VR games. But what else is in store? Well, we’re working on it at OVA.
No longer only B2B, OVA’s paving its way towards B2C
With growth starting to take shape on the hardware end of things, a window is beginning to open though which StellarX can cross over to the Business to Consumer (B2C) sphere.
Since OVA’s beginning, we’ve been largely focusing on Business to Business (B2B) in further democratizing new VR/AR technologies as the paradigm begins to shift, closely analyzing various potential sectors like defence, in improving situational awareness for example through content created while circulating through targeted areas and collecting intelligence within real buildings to scanning rooms and outside areas, effectively capturing the space in its quasi-entirety with 360° cameras.
However, one big challenge for VR has been generating the real-like experience at the everyday consumer level. Some of the latest computer hardware, like Dell’s Alienware would be a natural extension for high-end gaming to incorporate VR. Equipped with GTX 10-series graphics cards, Alienware’s new laptops, plus certain other Dell hardware like Precision Work Station are among the top picks that could bring that tipping point VR experience.
OVA and Dell’s working together at CES 2017, where OVA will be demoing StellarX on Dell’s Precision Work Station with the HTC-Vive headset helps to manifest the bridge to the VR creation space offered by StellarX, with the right graphic card support offered by Dell. The non-programmer’s VR/AR creation platform, coupled with the most powerful graphic cards currently on the market are pushing the gaming experience and VR creation to even more dizzying heights, propelling up to 90 frames per second (FPS). By carrying over video game technology to virtual reality, a barrier may have been crossed and the paradigm may soon be shifting a few nudges.
How is improved interactivity leading to real content creation?
Familiar with Google Cardboard? A rather inexpensive option for viewing 3D environments. Though non-interactive, a very interesting way for sharing 3D real-time creations viewed in movie-like format. Insert your smartphone and voilà. From there, going from simple but prevailing hardware like Cardboard to interactive headsets like HTC-Vive, evolution is running its course.
With Alienware having the graphics capacity and StellarX having the platform—together they can make magic happen. Users can build with the formerly gamer-only technology and begin to create worlds and generate content such that has never before been done.
StellarX coupled with Alienware-like technology would be a match giving substance to form, content to the container. Hardware and software technologies meeting, and with progression, various object libraries could be tailored to fit the needs of the users, based on their needs and thus, in perpetual and progressive flux. Users and friends who also have a VR headset can receive already created content, interact with it and then share it again.
Right now we skype, imagine meeting your friends and loved ones “face to face” so to speak. Remember the phenomenon of chatrooms ? What if you really were in the room, interacting with people through their life-like avatars? Ever wonder what a Cabane-à-sucre really looks like? Create one in VR and then share it.
G20, Shanghai office, 10 best defence technologies
While at the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance (YEA) China Summit last week in Beijing, OVA's CEO Harold Dumur won first prize at the Pitch Competition for Start-ups. With participation from companies coming from Silicon Valley, Paris, Berlin and many other places from around the world, competition was steep. Undeniably, on a mass scale level, StellarX’s VR/AR creation solution is catching interest not only with our United States neighbors, but is also making headway in Asian markets. So much in that we have recently opened a new office location in Shanghai.
Also selected among Vanguard magazine's list of 10 best defence technologies, voted by the likes of Lockheed Martin and BCIP, OVA is gaining traction as one of the industry’s biggest players, due to StellarX offering rapid VR/AR environment creation, without requiring expertise in coding language, that can then be published, shared and collaboratively used. Check out Vanguard magazine.
Additionally, the value added aspect that StellarX brings to the table makes it easier than ever for just about anyone to create VR/AR simulations. Instead of a 3D programming engine, we’re talking about an authoring tool for quality immersive environment design and construction, and done quickly. Drag-and-drop objects and create whatever virtual environment desired.
On demand presentation
We’d also like to remind you that our office doors are open to come and try out StellarX, whether in Montreal, Quebec City, New York and most recently Shanghai—or even from where you are at! Contact us and try out some real VR/AR experiences, opening new doors within your imagination to the future of your reality! See how StellarX offers a VR/AR creation experience that is both fun and constructive, without needing of any technical resources or backup.
Let us know when you can come by!
OVA website:
Telephone (toll free): 1 866 385 8687
Wishing everyone a great and productive winter season and we look forward to further announcements in the not too distant future!
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