Team | OVA

Management Team

OVA is a group of visionaries with a few whiz kids thrown in the mix. With the help of our strategic partners, we are growing quickly and now’s the time to get on board! If you want to help shape the future VR landscape, we’re hiring!

Harold Dumur
Founder & CEO
Lucie Rivard
Director Operations
Claude McMaster
"Rocket Strategist"
Benoit Richard
"Investment and M&A" Advisor
Ryan Pamplin
"Networking Guru" Advisor

Our Story

OVA was founded in 2014

Thinking about how much fun we had creating our own skating parks with Tony Hawk ProSkater2’s Park Editor, we decided to build a similar tool for rapid 3D VR/AR content creation, our platform StellarX.

2015 Accelerators

We have been selected by one of the best university and bank-driven accelerators, HEC-National Bank, giving us the right boost to winning the best start-up competition at the 2016 G20 summit in China—up against people from Stanford, Harvard, 30 under 30 and from all around the world.

2016 Research Labs

Pivoting from a B2B company in order to bring our product to the B2C, we’ve teamed up with some of the top academic ecosystems and advisors to make it possible for anybody to become a 3D content creator by developing their own VR/AR immersive environments.

2017 ViveX and AlienWare

We have established partnerships with HTC-Vive through the ViveX accelerator as well as with AlienWare (a Dell company). Building strong relations with large corporations has provided us the ability to launch the kind of advanced VR/AR solutions we’ve been aiming for since the beginning, through our own product StellarX.