OVA, the company behind StellarX, what many are calling the "WordPress of VR/AR," is making it possible for just about anyone to create their own VR environments – through simple drag-and-drop creation. StellarX is a 3D content creation tool for everyone, no matter their level of technical expertise and the only VR creation tool for non-coders.

As VR/AR still needs evangelisation, plus having been recently awarded important investment, we are on the lookout for a couple of whiz-kids whose skills could be an integral part of OVA’s development team and the StellarX platform. Ideally, the right credentials fitting into our long term ambitions are Video Game Engine, C#, C++ and a bit of shaders knowledge. We realize that sometimes there is room for interpretation with these kinds of skills. Don’t hesitate to inquire.

While our progress is further along that what can be seen in the following link, check out a little bit of what we’ve been up to, regarding VR in VR creation. What with some interesting use of shaders, good headway and advancements are in the works and the means are in place to bring this technology to greater heights. OVA’s network of contacts in the field continues to grow and in recent years, the company has focused on building up strategic relationships from Montréal, to San Francisco and China. Interested in knowing more? Please get in touch with us!

Got more to tell us?

In the Unity C# programmer job position that we have open, you will be an integral part of a development team, oriented around our virtual and augmented reality platform, StellarX. The qualifications and skills we are looking for include: Video Game Engine, C#, C++ and knowledge of shaders.

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